26 Jan

okay.. i don’t know when and where  we got that name, well for the last time we named our gank as :

yey !!!

 Powerpuff is a multicultural “study” group of Artificial Intelligence  of Maastricht University

Buttercup,  is a skinny indian man(boy) named Nitin Bhushan.

an indian boy who lost here by scholarship from maastricht university, he’s a scholar. waw sound cool isn’t it?? but being a scholar is a strat point of his adventure , why? because the scholarship only covers a half of the tuition fee, and he didn’t know that until he got here hahaha.. they got you dude!!!
ok…. you’re dead’re dead! so to keep alive, he’s trying hard to find a job here, he doesn’t eat alot, thay why he’s so skinny.

Bubbles , is an african man(boy) named Agbesi Kudjawu.
An African boy who lost here because he wants to get lost here, haha..well he fund his study using his own money, that’s proof that bubbles is rich haha… bubbles is very nice, he always give me spirit for my study, he said that, “we’re here for a reason” , he believes that our misery will bring good things for us, eventough we maybe can’t make it , he still believe there is reason behind all of this. he’s nice , because one time when i cry because of the aachens, he’s just come and accompany me crying hahahaha … what a nice of u agbesi ^____^

Blossom , me … i’m the only woman in our group so i deserve to be blossom better than you guys.

we’re very multicultural, come from different country, have different religion, different skin tone and different characteristics. Not much to tell about let’s just keep my information as public secret hah. we formed a group because, we’re the only international students in our class the rest are dutchies and bloody aachens. we share  same feeling, we’re lost in maastricht, suffering and feel stupid because we’re int student who come from not yet developed country… well what ever people call it.

we always go together, study together, and always get confused together … and confusing each other.
what ever people think we promise that we’ll keep struggling until we can finish our master study, we will defeat this Bloody faculty with bloody lecturers and bloody aachens …
I love you my powerpuffs  and we will DEFEAT THEM , YEEEY !!

by : V-

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